I hate to break it to you, but Breakfast Stout is the best seasonal. Maybe not as hard to find as Nugget Nectar (which I will now keep an eye out for) but still amazing. I always buy a case of it the first time it hits the shelf. I found two 4-packs tucked in a corner a few weeks ago and it felt like a late Christmas. » 2/23/15 8:08pm 2/23/15 8:08pm

In my case it would only cost $30 to add 155 channels to my Cox internet subscription. But what a lot of people aren't considering is that it will then cost an additional $10 per month for an HD cable box. Since I would get two (living room/bedroom) then I'm actually looking at $50 per month more. I'll gladly pay… » 2/09/15 11:35am 2/09/15 11:35am

Definitely take a preventative approach and make sure all 3 of my cats eat a high quality diet. I could go on for pages about it but I'll keep it succinct. Our 3 cats haven't had dry food in 3 years. Two of them eat 4 ounces of raw chicken a day (includes bones/organs) and another gets a 6 ounce can of wet food a… » 2/03/15 9:28am 2/03/15 9:28am

Agreed. This was a wedding present from a couple we had gone to college with. Our first few years of marriage were rough financially as I had just finished grad school and my wife was still in school and not working during our first year. So I worked two part time jobs the first year to pay bills and then we moved… » 1/29/15 7:36am 1/29/15 7:36am

I think what a lot of people aren't considering is that cable usually requires the rental of a cable box or two. In my case, I would need at least one for the main TV and would like one in our bedroom as well. That's an additional $17 a month that isn't accounted for by the calculator or most replies I see here. » 1/13/15 9:50am 1/13/15 9:50am

My wife's entire wish list this year is cooking gear, just like it was last year. Every single thing on this list she either has or is asking for this year. I'm not much of a cook, but everyone says my wife is and she loves everything on this list.

But someone else is going to have to give her that dutch oven. … » 12/08/14 3:41pm 12/08/14 3:41pm

Completely agree. I tend to not be a Christmas beer fan but I'll drink Mad Elf all year long. Also just discovered Hardywood's Gingerbread Stout that I'd highly recommend if you can get it. I'm only an hour from the brewery so it probably has more local hype, but it was damn good. » 12/03/14 2:20pm 12/03/14 2:20pm

I can't stress this enough. We just bought and moved into a house a month ago. It's a new construction so we went under contract in April and had until October to prepare while the house was being built. The mortgage was going to be $300 more a month than our rent. We used those 6 months to cut back on expenses… » 11/26/14 8:54am 11/26/14 8:54am

Yes, yes, and more yes. I use the lime scent but this stuff is amazing. I also use their skin food. It's the first aftershave I've used that didn't hurt like hell and leave my skin feeling dried out.

I got both the cream and the aftershave right around Christmas last year and expect both of them to last at least… » 11/12/14 4:47pm 11/12/14 4:47pm

A lot of people don't know about this or don't qualify, but I highly suggest looking into Public Service Loan Forgiveness. If your federal loans are consolidated into one of the applicable repayment plans then it will forgive all loans after 120 payments while working for a public service entity.

I work for a… » 11/11/14 6:25am 11/11/14 6:25am

Fun Fact, the founder of USAA was a GEICO employee that was fed up with being unable to promote within the company. He broke off and started his own company, which is now USAA. Learned that in a new employee training when I worked at GEICO a few years back. » 11/10/14 7:49am 11/10/14 7:49am

Except that thousands of years ago we domesticated these animals. They aren't wild animals anymore, they are companion animals. I don't think anyone would argue that the quality of life of my cats is significantly higher than a feral cat fending for itself.

I wouldn't keep a tiger in a cage, no matter how big. That… » 10/25/14 9:29am 10/25/14 9:29am