It's official, I'm switching to Tmobile in May when my VZW contract expires. VZW is forcing us off our unlimited data plan so now there is no reason to stick around and continue to pay $20-30 more a month than the other carriers. I can switch to Tmobile and pay $25 less a month and not have to pay the $400 down for the … » 4/14/14 12:24pm Monday 12:24pm

Two things I need to know that don't seem addressed. Does it support DLNA? I really like my usenet setup with serviio transcoding 1080p .mkv's on the fly to any dlna ready device. I'm considering dropping cable but I know it wouldn't work on the roku and last I heard it was being worked on for the Chromecast. And don't … » 4/02/14 11:53am 4/02/14 11:53am

Root it... which could take a few days to a few months to accomplish. Just depends on how fast they can unlock the bootloader. Once you do have it rooted though, you can uninstall whatever you want. You could also install a ROM but in my experience the ROMS for the newest devices need some time to mature. You'd be best … » 3/26/14 10:36am 3/26/14 10:36am

My wife is in her 4th year in the Air Force. Fortunately her career field only has 6 or 7 options to be stationed at so we don't move a ton like other military families, but we have already moved twice. Each time we move, I have a very difficult time finding employment because I have a master's degree in classical… » 3/26/14 8:07am 3/26/14 8:07am

Any word on carriers and price? My contract at VZW finally runs out in May and I'm looking to jump ship to a more affordable plan. T-mobile seems the best option but they have started spacing your phone's price out 24 months. If this is going to add an additional $30 a month to their current plan's prices then it would … » 3/25/14 11:43am 3/25/14 11:43am

I know this article is designed for unmarried couples living together, but I just don't understand how married couples can keep separate accounts. You agreed to a union... what's mine is yours and yours is mine type thing. So how does it work if you don't put all your money in one place and go from there?

I say this… » 3/20/14 7:28am 3/20/14 7:28am

I work for a university and have a .edu email so I'm able to get the student discount (btw, I do occasionally take a free class so I'm technically a student). Even with the price raise to $49 it's a steal and well worth the money. I buy nearly everything I can't get at Target, Petco, or a grocery store on Amazon. Can't … » 3/13/14 7:36am 3/13/14 7:36am

People who say cats are low maintenance aren't doing it right. I have 3 cats and in ideal conditions I will empty 3 litter boxes twice a day and feed them 3 times for a total of 9 individual meals. I might clean up a hairball or pile of vomit on average twice a month and I've succumbed to the fact that my house will be … » 3/11/14 7:24pm 3/11/14 7:24pm

One of my graduate school professor's had a great saying that I still like to tell people when applicable: 'Everyone here is a pre-fessional but I expect you to act like the professional you hope to become'. What he was getting at is that by that point in our education many of us were already or nearly qualified… » 3/07/14 9:09am 3/07/14 9:09am

When you say not saving for retirement, do you mean not using an employer's retirement plan? Or do you mean not putting even more aside on top of your employer's plan?

I ask because I'm 28 and just started a job that appears I could turn into a long career. We have a 403b retirement plan that they give us 6% and then… » 3/05/14 7:27am 3/05/14 7:27am

My first job was in a call center for GEICO. I learned a lot about how to deal with people, my current boss told me specifically that my customer service experience (especially delivering bad news and dealing with upset people) is what ultimately led to my hiring.

But more importantly I learned what kind of work… » 2/20/14 7:54am 2/20/14 7:54am

Right there with you. I'm 28 and started a new job 8 months ago, something that seems like I could do a while and possibly make a career of. I've not done much retirement savings before that so I'm figuring I've got to go until about 55-60 before retirement. We have a 6% contribution by our employer to a 403b plus… » 2/14/14 9:33am 2/14/14 9:33am

A couple years ago for Christmas I bought my wife a tennis bracelet off Amazon. I had no clue what to get her and I hate shopping. I had heard her say a few times she always wanted a tennis bracelet. I know I couldn't afford what she actually meant, but I could at least give her something that's good enough until one… » 2/11/14 3:25pm 2/11/14 3:25pm

If it fits your body correctly, then a fitted shirt will accomplish a lot of this right off the hanger. I've had other guys give me a hard time for almost exclusively shopping at Express, saying that's its for gay men or just not manly enough. However, it's one of the few stores you can find anywhere that you can find… » 2/07/14 11:04am 2/07/14 11:04am

I'm renting a house so I wasn't there for the install, but my ONT and battery backup are two separate boxes. It could be an older setup and they have now streamlined the hardware into one box. My ONT is on the side of the house next to the power meter, and the battery backup runs through the wall and into the garage.

» 2/04/14 10:38am 2/04/14 10:38am

What issue are you talking about? We got a Nexus 10 around last Christmas and haven't had a single issue with it while running stock Android. I think the latest update may have introduced a small hiccup in syncing with the google servers since the wifi connection will show in grey and not blue. But I'm still able to do … » 1/07/14 8:55am 1/07/14 8:55am

Yeah, my wife is nearly 4 years into her Air Force career. She unfortunately got the degrees first so she has nearly as much debt as me. The AF isn't nearly as helpful in loan repayment as some of the other branches. She'll do at least 10 to hit the mark for student loan forgiveness and will most likely do at least a… » 12/16/13 11:54am 12/16/13 11:54am